Tuesday, 25 September 2012

# Game Talks - How to make $5000 monthly on mobile platforms ?


When I started my android app & game development journey, I was a experienced and very good developer with OOP and Java already. I completed large projects with success during the years.

My first attempt to android world

Theme Note (Google Play) was my first project, it was a cool project and took me about 3-4 weeks to complete. It has been around 5-6 months now and in 5 different app markets, but successes rate and earning   is ridiculous. Lifetime revenue is under $200 of this app, eventually I removed the ads and gave it to all users as a gift.

Next attempts

Finger Print Scanner (Google Play)
Fortune Teller D.E.A.R. (Google Play)

These 2 apps took me 1 week to complete. Extremely easy, It has been around 3-4 months, and Lifetime revenue is +$3000. Funny, so easy and entertaining, this is what people wants, at least %70 of users (10 - 30 age)

Game Attempts

I created Puzzle Slide game as a quick project,  3-4 weeks to complete. Not much revenue to talk about. Game should be easy and quick to implement.


I know many many developers who understood the right strategy for apps world. I know a guy who spent 6 months to create games (High quality physic games), and failed to make high revenue. Then, he did two apps
Porn Sounds and Celebrity Fan App. No he makes +$200 daily from these 2 apps.

Do not get me wrong, I do not say not to develop games, I say develop them quickly and not spend lots of ours on it. Spend maximum 1 month for a game. Because, Game teams and Major companies develop advanced games every month, impossible to competing them. As single developers, we should focus on funny, easy and entertaining apps and games, not very large projects.

For large projects (+ months), gather a team of 3 or 4. Of course there is also "luck factor", your game could get millions of installs by luck (or maybe with right marketing). I am sure you can develop awesome games in 3 months, impressive physic games, but chance of success is very low.

This is why I created MTX Framework , when you have game idea, you should be developing it as fast as possible, because we are running of ideas and lifetime of a game is around 6 months in all markets, beacuse there are too many games and apps (+600,000) and increasing everyday. Do not waste months for games if you are a single developer, fail rate is so high.