Friday, 21 September 2012

#1.2 Tutorial (LibGDX & MTX) Tutorial Structures & Project


  • You should know about LibGDX and LibGDX Scene2D
  • You should know about TexturePackers and TextureAtlasses


I always use TexturePacker for my texture management on my projects. It is extremely easy to work with and fully compatible with LibGDX and our gaming purposes.

Tutorial Structures:

I have created tutorial project, you should download (see page download) and follow the tutorials, first part of the tutorial series you will be observing the codes. You should check download page all the time for the latest updates and changes.

Each tutorial has a new Screen and each tutorial name starts with "Test0, Test1, Test2, ...", so for eaxmple "Test1" is a Screen. This will make easier to follow tutorials and see things in action.

Tutorial Project:


  1. thanx for the awesome tutorials!!!

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  3. I find the MTX framework very useful however can you explain in a mini tutorial how you pack your textures using TexturePacker ? beceause when i try creating animations using TS i get a very flikkery animation.

    Sorry for my bad english, and thank you.

  4. Can't download from rapidshare. any mirrors? Putlocker? Sockshare?

  5. thanx for the awesome tutorials!!!

    This tutorial works fine in my android device, so in device emulators, app freezes... somebody has solution for this ?

    Thank you, and good job !!