Friday, 8 February 2013

#5.3 Tutorial (LibGDX & MTX) Game State

How to manage game state, well thanks to LibGDX Scene2D, it is very easy.

#5.2 Tutorial (LibGDX & MTX) World Scene2D

As you know, the GameManager has already created the main world and the world layers, but what are these exactly, how can we use these for games and live wallpapers.

#5.1 Tutorial (LibGDX & MTX) Game Manager

Now lets talk about game/live wallpaper structure/logic that can be built with LibGDX Scene2D. As you know Scene2D consists of Stage/Group/Actors. By using Mtx, I have created objects which extends these Scene2D elements with very useful features. (AbstractScreen, AbstractWorldScene2D, AbstractActor)

Monday, 4 February 2013

# Tutorial (Show Us The Good Series) - Jungle Game Menu

You have completed your awesome game (2D/3D or anything else) in LibGDX in your way. Now its time to polish it with interactive stuff like a charming game menu. Lets see how can we do that in only 1 day.