What is MTX?

MTX (MoribitoTechX) has been started as very little framework (some even can say little plug-in) over LibGDX. When I started my Android game development journey (around May 2012). I have always used LibGDX framework, it was impressive enough, especially the performance of it. More and more I used and more an more I have learnt. Then I have deiced to create little framework over LibGDX which can make my life easier, make me avoid code duplications and reduce the development time significantly.

  • It is a Open Source Project Under Apache Licence, Version 2.0
  • %100 Free and Awsome 
  • Designed for Apps, Games & Live Wallpapers (Extremely easy and fast)
  • Designed for far less code writing
  • Built over LibGDX Scene2D
  • Cross device resolution (Same quality in every device wiht Mtx v2.0 version, no more stretching)
  • Designed for easier Scene / Stage / Group / Actor integration
  • Designed for easier Menu Creations
  • Designed for easier Animation Integration
  • Designed for easier Settings Management
  • Ready effects and smart models
  • Designed for game specific purposes. For example, creating level buttons, setting special animations, getting screen time, integrating momentarily animations, multi-textured buttons, advanced actors, special setting management (volume, vibration, sfx and others.).
  • Also usable for game logics, but it is heavily depends on Scene2D, it means that it is not %100 MVC supportive. However for games like puzzles, brain teasers, low-level platformers, low-level defence games, other low-level causal games, it may be suitable. Again, I warn you, it is not %100 MVC supportive.

What you need to know:
  • Basic knowledge and experience with Java, Android SDK, Eclipse and LibGDX
  • Understanding the fundamentals of LibGDX Scene2D
  • TexturePacking and TextureAtlas management (Not essential)

How can it be used:
  • First of all it is pure LibGDX, so you can develop your game in your way (2D / 3D) with LibGDX and add MTX over it without any problems
  • Main menu and game menus with animations, easy to use buttons, no stretching problems (only Mtx v2.0)
  • Game background environments, bubbles, snows, parallax effects, clouds, animated object anything about game environment can be done in seconds
  • Live wallpapers (I made a small fortune with them), Top-notch, very detailed and high quality live wallpapers can be done in days
  • Simple touch, touch drag, swipe intentions and collision detections for your needs
  • Games, you can develop a full game without any problems, if you like abilities of LibGDX Scene2D