Monday, 1 April 2013

# Update - Mtx v2.1 on the way (All in One edition)

Mtx is fairly updated with the version 2.1, and added many features also there have been internal changes, Lets see what are those;

First of all idea of Mtx was "write less, do more, save time". I believe, with the version 2.1 is almost happening. Single line effects, positioning, sizing, ready models etc makes our life easier, the code looks neat and less, so no confusion. You may use it for just a UI / HUD / Menu or full game, app and live wallpapers.

  • Ditching the most of static variables, especially assets, and using assetmanager
  • AbstractGame joins the club and being the king of the game
  • Many adcontrollers, single line show ads, banners, app walls, virtual currency etc, no messy code
  • Settings ecosystem is ready to use (Music, Audio, Vibration etc turn on/off anywhere) all ready, no need to write your own code
  • Collision detections is improved for actors and touch points
  • Advanced logging system, just see what you want to see as logs for entire system
  • Utilies for everthing, these stuff will save enormus time and prevent code duplication
  • And first time ever it comes as Mtx.jar, just add as the library to your game, and use all you want.
Coming soon...


  1. Replies
    1. I plan to publish it in the beginning of May with a full game tutorial first time ever (Simple Word Puzzle).

    2. can't wait :)
      thanks for the really helpful work.

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    1. I will, I am on Holiday now, when I return, I probably publish it. I was so so busy before holiday.